Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Was Tagged!

I have just noticed that I was tagged by Lori Ruth. It is all about answering questions about yourself and then tagging some others to do the same. Well, here goes:

8 Things I'm Looking Forward to:

1) My son's prom later this month!
2) My youngest's end of year "Movin' Up" party (which I am helping to organize)
3) All the other end of school activities that are coming up
4) Seeing some long distance relatives this weekend that I haven't seen for several years
5) Our summer vacation
6) A weekend trip with just me and my daughter
7) Getting the elementary school yearbook back from the publisher (I was one of those in charge of putting it together)
8) Hearing from distant and not so distant relatives that stumble onto my genealogy website

8 Things I did yesterday (Well, this is going to be kind of boring!!)

1) Finished up the "final" for an online class I'm taking
2) Packed lunches for the kids
3) Picked up my youngest from school and chatted with the other Moms
4) Vacuumed, laundry, dishes (etc)
5) Made Dinner
6) Sorted mail, paid bills
7) Surfed the internet
8) Watched 24

8 Things I wish I could do

1) Find a local geo-caching buddy
2) Convince my kids to keep their rooms (and the rest of the house) clean
3) Break through some of my genealogy "brick walls"
4) Travel more
5) Find a great paying part-time job that would work around the kids' schedules
6) Afford to send my kids anywhere they would like for college without cost being an issue
7) Hire a cleaning lady!
8) Win the lottery (big time)!

8 Things or shows I watch

1) 24
2) Brothers and Sisters
3) Numbers
4) Desperate Housewives (sometimes)
5) CSI (sometimes)
6) Good Morning America
7) The O'Reilly Factor (sometimes)
8) Grey's Anatomy (sometimes)

Now I'm supposed to tag some other people, but unfortunately I'm not sure who to tag. (I think that Lori Ruth already tagged most the people I know!!) So I'll check around some other blogs and come back and do this if I can find some people who haven't already been tagged.

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