Thursday, October 22, 2009

Catching Up

Well, it looks like I neglected this blog for way too long!! Obviously the SAS designer contest is over and three very deserving designers now have stores there. It's well worth heading over to SAS and checking it out!

It's been a busy time around here, and although a couple of days ago I posted a new mini kit called Autumn Days on my design blog, I actually haven't done much scrapping or designing. I am currently working on a another batch of old photos that I got from my Mom. Mostly they are of her and her siblings as they were growing up, but there are also some of my Dad's side and even some of my brother and sister and I when we were young. I am scanning them and trying to organize them on my computer. (The scanning is taking forever!!) Many are in a small, square snapshot format, so I am scanning at a very high DPI with the hopes that I will be able to capture enough detail to enlarge them for scrap book layouts. There are also some old Polaroids which have gotten very dark. Hopefully I can lighten them up a bit in PSP so that they will be usable too!

I still have hopes of creating one or two photo books before the holidays. I've more or less dropped out of the Lifebook series over at HeritageScrap. There are a couple of reasons. First, I am thinking a photo book will look much more polished if the pages are made from the same kit. It would have to be a fairly large kit, however, so the exact sames papers and elements would not have to be repeated over and over and over. I am thinking about putting together my own kit for this and doing that would take some time. Second, I am thinking more of making a photo book than a life story book. Practically speaking, photo books (or printing photos to add to an album) are somewhat expensive, and I would rather spend the money on layouts containing primarily photos rather than layouts containing primarily words.

Well, that's about it for now. I still have to run some errands before the kids get home from school!!


  1. I am sorry to hear you are dropping out of the Heritage Scrap Life Book Series Challenge. I am currently on round 2 in the Life Book Series. However, it will be round 3 or 4 before I am finished. I am not doing a Life Book for one person, I am actually creating what I call a Heritage Album/Scrapbook. This is really just a glorified Genealogy Album that is covering a couple of family lines for my husband. I do enjoy the Life Book series to help give me ideas for material that I can add to my Scrapbook if I happen to have this information for whatever generation I'm working on. You can make the Life Book Series your own. This round many people are doing couples and we have another gal that is also doing a heritage album like me. I really hope to see you again and just so you know we are all very sad to see you go if you choose to. I hope you will reconsider!!!

  2. I am loosely doing life book and do a combination. Like you, I like my book to have a cohesive look. That's kind of the premise behind my "Stories To Tell" series. But one way besides designing my own, is that I pick a designer. For instance for my Mom's book, I chose Lynn Griffin because she is my Mom's style. I find that I can use several of her kits and combine them and still have a cohesive look because Lynn carries her style throughout. I am only doing a life book on my parents and one Grandmother. I'll do the rest on sides of the family. I do journal a lot but also like the idea of having just photo pages and I like in the middle of a biography how they have several pages of photos separate from the writing, that are fun to browse through. I think I'll also do some journaling pages that are separate from the rest with pics to tell more of the story when necessary. Just some ideas. Hope you'll post your new creations in the gallery. I always enjoy them. (ForgetMeNots)